Juice Cleanse – Day 1

Oh boy has it been a long time since I wrote a post.  Updates are that I’ve been teaching a lot of classes (yoga, meditation, and philosophy) and volunteering at another organization, all in addition to my day job. So, getting back on the bandwagon and making sure I keep my priorities straight, I am doing a 5-day cleanse — what I refer to as my “spring cleaning.” I get questions about fasting, juice cleansing, raw diets, etc a lot so I thought I would document my experience here for everyone to see. I’ve done a 5-day cleanse before but never wrote it down, so this should be interesting.

Day 1

I have a headache. That should be the end of the post.  As with any detox, the most prominent symptom tends to be a dull, persistent headache. Thankfully, mine is not pounding like some people have reported.

The morning started off well. I’m typically not famished when I first wake up so that was pretty normal. I went to teach my 6:30-7:30 Flow class and came home to drink my first of six juices (coconut water). Feeling pretty good. By mid-morning, I drank the second one (a blend of nut milk) and was still feeling pretty alright. That second juice is pretty dense, not be mention delicious.

Lunch time came around and that’s when my body’s normal patterns kicked in in the form of hunger and irritability (I’m a pitta for those who know Ayurveda, which is the ancient Indian nutrition-health-wellness way of saying hangry). I grab for the third juice which is a light green juice and chug it down. Here’s where the magic of juice cleanses begin. Within 30 minutes, I can feel the energy coursing through my body. It’s amazing how much more in tuned we become when there is less “stuff” in the system to process. However, the “green high” lasted only an hour and then the headache started.

After the fourth juice in the afternoon (another veggie based one), I decided to take a nap and hope that my headache would go away. The nap definitely helped and I managed to teach my evening 5pm yoga class with no problem.  In fact, my meditation was deeper, calmer, and happier.

I met a friend for “dinner” (which meant we met at a juice bar so that she can juice with me) where I drank my fifth juice. This time a fruit-based juice. She also decided to get some chipotle spiced nuts and I found myself pining after them like a ravenous sloth: some cross between cute, pathetic and really slow moving. Finishing the night with the last fruit juice I put myself to bed accompanied by the pesky headache.


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