Juice Cleanse- Day 2

Ok, so we all knew this would happen.  Day 2 is usually the worst day of the cleanse… though for me, not by much when compared to Day 1.  Unlike Day 1, I felt no hunger today. In fact, by the time 9pm rolled around, I still had one juice left and didn’t feel hungry enough to drink it. I drank it anyways because it’s important to keep the formulations exactly as prescribed.  Also unlike Day 1, I wasn’t as cold. I was physcially chilly on Day 1. I also decided to treat myself to a massage which was divine. So, here’s the summary of the key takeaways.

Heightened Senses: seriously, you’ve never seen colors like these. All of my senses were practically vibrating. The most noticeable was my sense of smell… good and bad. I could smell things from FAR away, but also smell them so well that it was overpowering. Nice scents were magnificent. Cigarette smoke as someone passed me on the sidewalk made me gag. Not sure if my hearing changed but lets just say it did for the hell of it.

Energetic Euphoria: this was felt about 15-20 minutes after I drank each juice.  The energy pumped through my body and as the detox starts to take effect, I can feel exactly what gorgeous, natural, raw foods do to my body. It was glorious.

Calm and Peace: as I do this cleanse, I’m making some big changes in my work life while balancing two proposals and a heavy teaching schedule. Normally I would feel more stress but I’m so calm. We all know that food is medicine… but this really seals the deal. Good nutrition = good life.

Headache: yet, that’s still there but I can feel it subsiding.

Here’s the caveat. I firmly believe that the cleanse as been so “easy” and relatively painless because I am a vegetarian. The body has less detoxing to go through so the benefits were felt earlier in the process. This process really drives home just how much the foods we meet matter. Juice cleanses are not for everyone because everyone’s body is unique and respond to stimuli differently. Try it out and see what it does for you. Don’t write anything off without experiencing at least once. 🙂


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